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The interior of the honden is composed of an "inner sanctuary" (naijin) that represents the actual "kami seat" (shinza), and an "outer sanctuary" (gejin) or "nave." At most shrines, the honden is considered the locus of the kami and the focus of worship, but certain shrines do not possess honden since they have sacred mountains (shintaizan) and other sacred areas or sacred trees (himorogi) that serve as a more direct focus of worship.

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Also called shōden, the "sanctuary," or central structure of a shrine prepared as the seat (shinza) of the deity forming the object of worship (saijin).Bed gap: My saddle handwheel is on the right but no gap in bed. Removing the spindle and bearings may be the answer. In that case I think my oil will operate in "write-only" mode. I started removing the spindle once and got faint hearted that I might do something I couldnt undo and backtracked pretty quick. These oil level sights have an Allen screw to where they are filled.



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